“Recovering critic” and essayist Arthur Krystal writes a “defense of the canon” in the pages of the latest issue of Harper’s. Though his is an encomium for “Great Literature,” a number of the points he makes apply equally well to video games. Krystal traces the origins of the “canon” to the Greek meaning “measuring stick” or “rule.” Contrary to […]

guilty pleasure

Jennifer Szalai takes to the New Yorker to rail against the invocation of “guilty pleasures.” Since the idea is often associated with video games, I’ve decided to excerpt it at length with my own questions and comments inserted along the way. To really understand my concerns with her take, you should read it in its […]


With all of the energy surrounding the release of Sony’s PS4 and Micrsoft’s Xbox One, it’s especially glaring how much the video game industrial complex can skew games coverage. Most gaming news and reviews sites are busy right now pushing out content on next-gen consoles and the bevy of mediocre launch titles released to accompany […]


At the end of last week it felt like everything was conspiring against me. As Friday drew to a close, last minute assignments at work kept me late. When I finally made it out of the office, traffic was unusually heavy, leading to one slog of an evening commute. An empty fridge meant I had […]


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